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junge Frau

Korean cosmetics are our greatest passion! Out of this passion, a thought first developed, then an idea and finally the foundation of POW. We would like to infect you with our enthusiasm for care and holistic way of thinking - and for that, there is hardly a way too far for us. We check conditions and quality on-site, measured against German and European standards, and of course test all products in advance. Only products with high quality, sustainable and highly effective ingredients are included in our range and online shop. These are of course always and without exception cruelty-free, sustainable and mostly vegan. It is a personal concern of ours to respond competently and individually to each individual to find perfectly coordinated and appropriate care. Discover our selection and advice online or get to know us and our products directly in our shop in Frankfurt's Nordend.


We look forward to you!

HW Kollektion

When body and mind are in harmony, a lot takes care of itself and you can support this with the right care.

My team, consisting of trained beauticians / ecotrophologists / and psychologists, are continuously on a voyage of discovery to the latest innovations of the Asian cosmetics market in order to present your individual skin care directly, quickly and at a fair price and to be able to deliver it to your home.

Korean grooming is not just about the products, it is about nutrition, lifestyle, mindfulness, devotion and self-love - everything that can be underscored with the right product. I would like to pass this philosophy on to you and help each individual to find his / her right way of care. Every person is unique, why should it be any different with the skin?






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