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5 to 10 steps care routine

The typical Korean care routine takes about 10 minutes each morning and evening. This can of course be adjusted individually.
The principle of layering applies.
It is important to always use the products with a light texture first and then the thick and viscous products.
The Korean way of skin care may be a bit more extensive than you are used to, but the results speak for themselves.
If you have any questions about the application or to discover a care routine that is precisely tailored to your needs, we are happy to help.

Our tip to find the perfect care:

First of all, just start with the basic steps such as a cleanser, toner, cream and sunscreen. This is the only way to find out what works well for you and to sort out and add more easily. After a while you can introduce a new product step by step. As always, less is more.


Step 1 Remove make-up - First, make-up residues, sun protection, etc. are gently and effectively removed with a cleansing oil without irritating the skin. The oil is poured onto the hand with one or two pumps and then spread over the face, mix with a little water and spread over the face with circular movements.

2nd step Facial cleansing - With a cleansing gel, cleansing foam or a cleansing lotion, the remaining make-up residues are removed and the skin is made soft and supple. She can breathe again and absorb active substances.

Step 3 Toner - The toner removes the last dirt and residues from the skin, has a moisturizing, calming effect and restores the natural pH value of the skin. It prepares the skin for the following steps in the care routine.
Put a few drops on a cotton ball and gently rub your face. For even more tips on how to use the miracle toner, you can find tips and topics under the item Multitasking miracle toner.

Step 4 Essence - Essences are a little more fluid and less concentrated than a serum. They supply the skin with moisture and help the skin to better absorb the subsequent serum in order to intensify its effect. Simply sprinkle an appropriate amount gently onto your face with a tapping finger syringe.

Step 5 Serum - The serum, also known as a booster or ampoule, is a highly concentrated formulation that is specially tailored to the needs of certain skin problems. For application, an appropriate amount is gently distributed over the face with tapping fingertips.

Step 6 Eye Cream - The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive. It dries up faster. Eye creams were therefore specially developed for protection, care, as well as lightening and decongesting the eyes.
Gently distribute a small amount around the eyes with your fingertips and work in with light tapping movements.

Step 7: Cream - The cream, also known as a moisturizer, is specially developed for every skin requirement and every skin type. It forms a barrier and thus protects the previously applied ingredients from evaporating. In addition to its own nourishing properties, it helps the skin to regenerate and stay hydrated. Distribute an appropriate amount on the face, massage in with gentle pressure and press on.


1. A gentle cleaning foam is sufficient here. We recommend oils for the evening routine.
2. Toner
3. Essence
4. Serum
5. Eye cream
6. Cream
7. UV protection!

Sun protection is the last and most important step in the morning routine. It protects the skin and prevents harmful environmental influences.
Cover a third of your finger with product, then gently spread it over your face. Depending on the skin type, there are lotions, gels or creams.


In addition to eye mask pads and face sprays, there are other optional steps that do not necessarily have to be used as part of the daily routine. A few times a week, or when an extra kick of care is needed, make your skin glow.

Peeling - exfoliator
To promote cell renewal and remove dead skin cells,
it is necessary to use a peeling 1 to 2 times a week.
They are available in a wide variety of variants and with a wide variety of ingredients.
Mechanical peelings are not recommended for sensitive and thin skin.
Here I recommend gentle BHA acids or products with fermented ingredients.
For mature, demanding, dry skin, I recommend AHA acids.
For oily, large-pored skin that is prone to blemishes, products with BHA and AHA acids should be used.

Sheet masks
They are available in a wide variety of variants and active ingredients. There is something for every skin type. You can use them daily, but also only once or twice a week, individually and according to your skin's needs. After the essence and the serum, it is applied and allowed to take effect for about 20 minutes. A great opportunity to put your feet up a little and relax.
Then the rest of the concentrate is gently massaged in. The absorption of active ingredients is a lot higher here than with conventional products.

Sleeping mask
The skin regenerates itself during sleep. Sleeping masks or packs are enriched with active ingredients and help the skin to look healthy and fresh overnight. We have the right Korean product for every skin type.
In the evening it can be used instead of or over the skin care cream. It is not rinsed off. Simply apply, massage in gently and then sleep even better.

An emulsion is a light and milky, moisturizing lotion. We recommend using it on oily and combination skin. It is used after the serum, before the cream or as you wish.
It is important to remember that care products with a light texture should always be applied below those with a heavier one.

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